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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a relatively new form of bodywork developed in 1975 by Dr Fritz Smith as a way to combine his energy work, acupuncture and his structural bodywork, osteopathy. It is a body and energy/emotional therapy and during a session the client sits and lies on a massage couch, fully clothed whilst the practitioner  uses a series of gentle  stretches  and gentle fingertip pressure into various bones and muscles naturally and gently releasing held tension from the body.


The mind and the body are connected: what happens in the mind, consciously and subconsciously, our thoughts and our emotions, appears in the body, sometimes just as muscle tension other times as disease. The opposite is also true: what happens to the body- accident, injury, illness, neglect and/or abuse affects the mind and emotions, producing conscious and unconscious beliefs and  behaviours.


Our bodies hold tension for lots of different reasons. Sometimes the tension is purely physical when we sit or stand in a particular way because of our job or past injuries. Sometimes the tension and discomfort is emotional; perhaps anxiety about the future or sadness about the past. Usually tension and discomfort within the body is a mixture of both physical and emotional holding patterns. These holding patterns affect our core structure, our skeleton as well as our muscles.


The zero balancing practitioner works with the physical body, mainly the bones and joints to help release held tension or emotion. The held tension could be described as held energy, the body uses energy to contract the muscles  and hold the body in a particular way, for example when we lift or tense our shoulders when we feel stressed. Zero balancing may help release this held tension. Leaving your body feeling freer, lighter and you feeling happier, more relaxed and in balance.


Each zero balancing session you receive builds on the previous one so the benefits you feel will increase and last longer each time. Appointments last 50 minutes and include a brief medical history and discussion about the aim of the session e.g. relaxation, pain relief, releasing emotional stress or anxiety.

Our Zero Balancing Practitioner

Louise Grundy

To book an appointment call/text Louise on 07717 496742 or email

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