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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is natural, safe and effective using light touch to encourage the body to heal itself. It is based upon the gentle and natural motion of fluids which surround the brain and spine which influences the whole body. With a light touch the Craniosacral therapist connects to these deep fluids in the body, helping release tension and resistances increasing health so you feel stronger to deal with life's ups and downs

Movement is fundamental to life and within our bodies there are various well known rhythms - the heart, lungs and intestines expand and contract rhythmically to keep us healthy. Dr William Gardiner Sutherland, the founder of Cranial Osteopathy, studied the skull bones and discovered movement and rhythmic motion in the bones, and also in all the fluids, cells and tissues of the body. This is known as Craniosacral Motion.

Craniosacral Motion is a subtle tide-like rhythm throughout the whole body and is essential to the health of all the systems of the body. Restrictions, either within the Craniosacral Motion, or elsewhere, disturb this and can lead to ill health and affect well-being.

Craniosacral therapy both enhances and adds a new dimension to the way I work. I have had experience of Craniosacral being helpful for:- anxiety; stress relief; relaxation; sleep problems; digestion; breathing problems; asthma; headaches; neck and jaw problems. It revitalises the system when energy has been low energising and strengthening general health.

Here is the website for The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK

Here is some Craniosacral Therapy information

Our Craniosacral therapist

Raewyn Morrison  - go to this page for more information about Raewyn. 

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