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Osteopathy Sheffield

About Osteopathy

Osteopathy aims to treat and support the whole body to effectively deal with the causes of symptoms in a practical hand-on form of healthcare.


Sometimes the framework/structure of the body of the body is disturbed by illness, accidents, trauma or just the effects of pregnancy and birth. This can cause not only a variety of aches and pains but can also affect how the internal organs function, leading to symptoms in other systems(i.e. cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal)


Osteopaths are trained to examine, diagnose and treat the body using a highly developed sense of touch, called palpation. Treatment works with the self healing capacity of the body and aims to improve mobility (range of motion between tissues) and motility (range of motion within tissues), as well as improving circulation

Osteopathic techniques and approaches range from a “cranial “ approach which is subtle, deep and gentle to more vigorous approaches. In addition to the physical treatment, advice will be given on self-help, diet, exercise and life style. It is suitable for people of all ages from new-born babies to the very elderly.

Sometimes there is a dramatic and immediate improvement in symptom picture but more often noticeable improvement occurs at each visit and a number of visits may be necessary depending on the initial problem and its duration.

Our Osteopath

Lisa Halse - go to her page for more details.

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