What is Nutritional Therapy?
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Our Nutritional Therapist

Angie Piesold

Food is crucial to our health, it gives us energy and the nutrients we need to live well. Nutritional therapy is a complementary approach, focusing on how to achieve optimum health with diet and lifestyle. 
The aim of a Nutritional Therapist is to support an individual to achieve their goals and feel the best they can. This takes into account diet, lifestyle and any medical conditions that may be present. The client will be asked to complete a heath questionnaire before the first appointment which will include details of all medication.
Clients will be given health action plans, recipes and menu suggestions, lifestyle advice and supplement programmes where agreed.
Examples where nutritional support may help are through improved digestion, increased energy, blood sugar control and weight management, supporting our immune system, hormonal imbalances or living with a chronic condition.