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About Aimee Barnes
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Contact Aimee

Phone: 07557 332 419



Online booking for Aimee : Click here


Holistic massage  

60 mins £45

90 mins £60

'My name is Aimee and I am a Yoga teacher and massage therapist. My curiosity for the body evolved from my experience in teaching yoga, I began to notice how movement on even a basic level unravels tension, our tissues become hydrated, sliding and gliding over one another which allows the hardened areas to soften, leaving us feeling more fluid and supple with more space to breathe. Yoga itself can feel like a massage for the body, but there is one key component missing; touch, which inspired me to become a massage therapist.

For me, massage is something that we all deserve, touch can have this profound effect on the systems of the body, supporting the body to self-organise and recalibrate whilst the thinking mind basks in relaxation.

I offer either 60 or 90  minute treatments. This includes a thorough consultation to help me to determine the client's current state of well-being, which will help me to tailor a personalised treatment plan to help to restore a sense of ease and equilibrium. Throughout the treatment you can expect different experiences of touch, scents and sounds to awaken the senses, allowing the body to remember the peacefulness which is available beneath the layers of activity. Following the treatment, clients are given aftercare advice, based on my experience in yoga, breathing and acupressure to support the treatment development and allow the effects of the massage to be sustained between sessions.'


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